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“A somewhat scattered but ultimately heartwarming story of fighting for justice.” […]
Kirkus Reviews
This book has a lot of great information and is very inspiring. I just wanted to go out and do something to help someone else.
Leslie Adams
I have finished your book, which has inspired me to be more generous and not miss my blessings in the future. I thought I was a generous person until I read how truly inspired and blessed your life has been.
I have visited your Website and left a post. I am so happy to call you friend, by email and the web, and I do love you and what you are doing for others.
Sincere blessings to you,
Reita Grant
This is so you, I think you are AWESOME
and truly a Blessing.
I remember you telling me you were going to write a book, following your dreams and
here it is. I am working on chapter three: and all the love, joys, pains, givings, laughter, tears
and few regrets- it is Priceless.
your number in the book is no longer working, but I must get a copy for my son’s father day
I love you, and may God Continue to Bless You!!
I have just finished reading this book. A nice book which inspired me and I am sure it will inspire other people as well!

It’s full of nice stories from Lisa’s experience. Some of them make you smile while others make you realize how powerful a little donation or a helping hand is.

The book ends with some tips about how the reader can help this world. It contains simple ways how to make this world better and start a joy revolution!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it.

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Buying this book, you will help to build a community kitchen and feed the elderly and the poor.

Purchase book “Living Fulfilled: The Infectious Joy Of Serving Others”

“I see Living Fulfilled’s message as being similar to the Pope’s. Because he’s a religious man, some folks say he should stay away from political issues. However, when he talks about poor people, the environment, climate control, and immigrants, he’s talking about human issues. When those who bash him say those things it just keeps pointing to the realization that it’s all about power and control (politics), not care and collaboration (love ye one another). This book provides us with a guideline on how to use what we got. Lisa’s parents instilled within her a sense of compassion that has been the fuel to lead her to share what she has with others and she does it in a myriad of ways–feeding people with her love, smiles, strength, heart, and food for their bodies. We may not all be able to feed the elderly, deliver hot meals to them, take care of the college students who are barely surviving and trying to cover it up, open a food bank, set up a place to feed folks who are living on the streets–no, we can’t do that. But what we can do is priceless. Give a smile, lend a hand, give a little time, part with a little money, show some love, and simply be as kind and considerate as possible when faced with a situation in which that is all we have to offer. Lisa’s not asking people to go out and do what she does, she’s just asking us to do what we do in the most humane way we can find to do it. And to remember that it’s not about being recognized by others for your generosity of spirit, but it’s about knowing that God sees all, and that’s enough.” Shirley Nelson…Cleveland, OH

About Us

Can we really enjoy what we have when some of us are going without?

Or would our blessings be more enjoyable if everyone shared them?

What is more important-what we have, or what we have to give.

Seventeen years ago Lisa Eleze Thomas-McMillan was forced to consider these questions when she witnessed a woman struggling to pay for a small basket of groceries. Lisa was humbled to learn just how rampant a problem hunger is, and she made a vow that “nobody should ever have to worry about having enough to eat.” Drawing strength from her family, friends, and community, she opened a food bank and started delivering meals to the elderly.

Lisa walked from her small town of Brewton, Alabama to the state capital in Montgomery, and then to Washington, D.C., to raise awareness for hunger. Along the way, she met countless compassionate people who supported her cause and inspired her to continue believing that hunger could be conquered by providing food assistance to the needy. Lisa shares her story in an effort to bring about a world where no one goes without the most basic necessity of life; food.

This book will help you become the best steward of the blessing you enjoy. God quietly stirs all hearts to work on His behalf and be the miracles His children need. If we work together, we can create a world without hunger and poverty. We can create a world in which need is met with kindness and despair is met with hope.



Carlisa. Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides hot meals, food boxes, weekend snack packs for children at risk and emergency food delivery. It’s the only organization in the Brewton, Ala., area that provides free hot meals to college students, senior hot meal delivery and emergency food delivery.

Thomas-McMillan, who is the recipient of the 2011 and 2012 Humanitarian of the Year Award, the 2013 Citizen of the Year ward, and the 2014 and 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award, said she’s excited about the release of her new book.

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